A historic look back at an ICONIC Easton establishment that’s up everyone’s alley

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“I’m kind of fond of those old machines,” James said. “They’re not without their quirks, but I know how to use them pretty well at this point and I think it’s pretty cool that they still work.” But other things have changed. James said he’s been taking a “slow and steady approach” with minor upgrades every year since he took over. What once was the arcade room is now Lebowski’s, a place for private parties and events. James and his sister pried the bar for Lebowski’s out of the floor of a business in Philadelphia. The back wall is plastered with old scoresheets. The plastic chairs were replaced with red booths and the facility was painted. “We replaced all the screens to flat screens. They use way less energy for one thing,” he said. It took two men on a ladder to slowly lower the old, and heavy, CRT monitors. “We’ve kind of been working on the aesthetics and the comfort angle,” James said. Online booking was added this year to help address the misconception that the lanes are full every night with league bowling. “Now you can see when there’s lanes available,” James said. “That’s a new technology for this year that I’m really excited about.” Online booking, hours of operation and prices are available at Easton Bowl’s website at eastonbowl.com. Easton Bowl is located at 101 Marlboro Ave. #39 in Easton and may be reached at eastonbowlingcenter@gmail.com or 410-822-3426. #Atmosphere #Bowling #Easton #January2020...