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About The Cover Model - October

Photo by Cecile Davis

Freya Farley is a native of Talbot County, having grown up in St. Michaels. She has been the executive director of Evergreen Easton Point for the past two years. She also is an acupuncturist at the wellness center, specializing in women's health and fertility issues. Her goal is to maximize the use of the center's campus by offering more nature-based programming, which include full-moon kayaks. Farley traversed the country after graduating from St. Michaels High School, having attended college in Massachusetts, where she received a bachelor's degree in marine veterinary science. She also lived in Florida and California. She began to miss working with people, so she returned to Maryland to receive training in acupuncture from the Maryland University of Integrated Health in Laurel. She began practicing acupuncture in Talbot County in 2007. “I love it here. I feel really connected, and it feels like a really special place, not just because it's my home. I think it's special in its own right, with all the natural elements and people,” Farley said.


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