• Story by: Sarah Ensor by: Caroline J. Phillips

Harry's on the Green - Escargot with Gewurztraminer

Photo by Caroline J. Phillips

The fire is so delightful, and since you’ve no place to go, dine at Harry’s on the Green in Denton for a sophisticated meal and a martini as smooth as Dean Martin.

Harry and Jeri Wyre are the married team behind Harry’s on the Green, where the chef (Jeri) and master mixologist (Dolly McMahon) pair comforting favorites with creative flair, delivering a sophisticated holiday meal worthy of a special occasion or a weeknight meal to sustain even the most weary holiday soul. Jeri is the master chef and co-owner. Harry is the manager and co-owner. Their daughter, Jeanine, also is a chef at Harry’s, and her soups and desserts are not to be missed.

Harry recommends starting your holiday meal with a French classic, escargot prepared in the shell with garlic and pesto — and a squeeze of fresh lemon to lend tang to the rich, buttery dish. For those who have yet to try escargot, the flavor will feel like coming home. It is warm, buttery, and like holidays with family — both festive and comforting. Harry pairs this with a Gewurtzimeiner. The German white wine is so versatile, it can complement even the most complicated and conflicting holiday menu.


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