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Meet Reiki Master Fletcher Johnson

Becoming Attuned to Harmony and Disharmony in Our Lives

“I feel out of sorts, and not like myself” is a typical opening phrase when clients call Fletcher Johnson, reiki master, of Chestertown.

“People often call me as a last resort,” she said.

The type of healing energy work Johnson practices was named reiki in 1922 by Usui Sensei from Japan and was brought to the United States in 1937. Its potential is limitless, but generally used to help alleviate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disharmony, while quickening the healing process. The practice of reiki balances the energy throughout a person’s body.

“A plant gets its nutrients from the sun, rain, earth and air. Reiki harnesses a similar energy; I am a conduit for this life force. It enters through the crown of my head and is transmitted through my hands,” Johnson said.

Reiki’s mysterious techniques are coveted; master’s can only attune practitioners. Using one’s goodwill may be healing, but is not considered reiki.

There are many ways to work with energy. In yoga, energy is called “prana” and in Tai Chi is called “chi.”

“Only good can come from reiki – it is an attunement process which is based only on good intentions — positive force — and it can benefit anyone,” Johnson said.

During a reiki session, Johnson aligns herself with the intention of the session, rubbing her hands together to activate the energy flow. She scans through the client’s energy field, then decides where to begin working. By systematically holding her hands over specific areas, she is able to move stagnations and calm inflammations.

“My clients report feeling heat or coolness, and sometimes a tingling or pulsing sensation. They sometimes feel physically lighter and as if they have been re-calibrated,” she said. “I can also add guided relaxation, meditation, visualization, or aroma therapy to help get them into the right place.”

One of Johnson's clients, who was suffering with Leukemia and who was experiencing debilitating leg cramps, reported that after the first session, the cramps went away for a month; after the second time, for three months; and after the third time, for nine months. The results were remarkable.

“While reiki won’t cure her disease, it certainly has affected her symptoms positively,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, a single reiki session is $75 an hour, but many find that 30 minutes ($40) is sufficient.

“Clients seek treatments on an as-needed basis, but many come once a month to receive a tune-up,” she said. “Clients can always find something for me to work on … ”

Johnson said those who experience reiki treatments often become more attuned to harmony and disharmony within themselves.

“Everyone has an inner voice — you just have to dig deep enough to hear it. People often listen to the one in their head, not their heart. Reiki bolster’s one’s knowledge of self, which guides them to making better decisions in life, and ultimately improving their health,” she said. “I encourage people to take that extra moment for themselves in this busy world, you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Generally, there are four levels of certifications for reiki practitioners. Trainings can be anywhere from a day to a week and involve bookwork and hands-on intensives.

Johnson said the attunement process opens up the channels for the universal energy to be harnessed and transmitted to clients. Level one allows someone to be a basic practitioner. Level two allows a practitioner to do distance work.

Johnson said reiki goes to the place needed most.

“I could treat a person in China from here, if they wanted me to,” she said.

Level three provides more technical training, and Level four allows the practitioner to instruct and ignite others to the process. Each level makes the healer’s ability’s stronger, precise, and more effective in a shorter amount of time.

It has taken Johnson seven years to move through the different levels of training. She has a master level training in the Usui lineage, and a second in the Holy Fire Tradition.

Between this and her extensive yoga background, she has received several thousand hours of education beyond general schooling.

She said she prides herself in working with the medical community, not as an alternative to it. For more information about receiving Reiki, going through a training, or finding out more, contact Johnson at info@riverwarrioryoga.com or 410-708-2797, or visit www.riverwarrioryoga.com.

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