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How to Best Enjoy Your Steamed Crabs This Summer

It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s crab season. Break out your mallets, spread out your newspaper, and get cracking. We’re sharing tips from the Shore Monthly staff on how to best enjoy your steamed crabs.

Tip #1

“I like to use a mixture of Old Bay and apple cider vinegar for my backfin meat, and melted butter for my claws. The mixture of sour and savory adds some variety so things don’t get stale when you’re on your 6th, 12th, or 24th crab.”

— Greg Mueller

Crabs pictured from Blough’s Seafood in Denton


Tip #2

“Real Eastern Shore natives don’t use a mallet.”

— David Fike

Crabs pictured from Chester River Seafood Company in Rock Hall.


Tip #3

“Pouring the right beer over the crabs makes a big difference. I heard my grandfather always used Schlitz back in the day, but I’m a Miller man — it’s the Champagne of beer.”

— Paul Hagood

Crabs pictured from The Crab Deck in Grasonville


Tip #4

“Baguette shared around the table and torn (not cut, not toasted) cleans hands and palates. Other table musts include Utz potato chips and cold Maryland beer — and slices of local, fresh watermelon for dessert.”

— Sarah Ensor

Crabs pictured from Ocean Odyssey Crab and Beer Garden in Cambridge


Tip #5

“One more thing. The superior seasoning for steamed crabs is J.O. Crab House Spice. It’s a sophisticated bouquet yet doesn’t overwhelm the subtle notes of the pale ale.”

— Paul Hagood

“J.O. seasoning is for the weak! I’m an Old Bay girl and always will be! Make it spicy, and you can never use too much.”

— Betsy Griffin

Crabs pictured from St. Michaels Crab and Steakhouse St. Michaels, MD

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