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Local hypnotherapist Jimmy E. Quast discusses the healing nature of exploring your inner mind

Unbeknownst to passersby zipping down Hanson Street in downtown Easton, answers to personal mysteries are being revealed in hypnotherapist Jimmy E. Quast’s office, a comforting space filled with books and framed certificates lining the walls. Natural light from the world outside bounces across the floor and sometimes lands on Quast’s small wooden desk that holds personal belongings. A cozy leather arm chair for clients sits barely two feet away.

“I’m not a motivational coach,” he says from his chair pulled away from his desk. “I show them [clients] where to get their answers from themselves.”

For 25 years, Quast has been helping clients find the answers and oftentimes the direction they’ve been searching for to help them move forward in their lives. It’s this similar searching that led Quast to hypnotherapy. Before moving to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, on a whim Quast and his wife built a boat and sailed the Caribbean looking for a new adventure. They called the U.S. Virgin Islands home for 20 years, but his interest in believing in oblivion and searching for the cool stuff is what led him back to school studying and practicing hypnotherapy.

Quast has completed trainings with and received certifications from the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists as well as the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.

Many of Quast’s clients come to him wanting help with smoking cessation or managing their weight loss goals.

“I also have [clients] who have a sadness or high anxiety that makes no sense. Or people who have emotional issues that hold them back in life and interrupts their self-esteem.”

Through relaxing hypnotic sessions that can last anywhere from one hour to a few hours, Quast helps people tap into their emotions and unconscious minds where habits are stored. Through simple techniques coupled with heavy relaxation, Quast helps clients unearth their abilities within to overcome their issue. Clients essentially reprogram their own minds through their own power. Most times this is achieved in one session.

“I don’t fix them. I help them,” Quast says. “It’s fun to do and the results are really great.”

For clients looking for something more direct to help them understand who they are or why the feel the way they feel, regression therapy sessions can help them find the answers and add a perspective they’ve never imagined. Regression hypnosis is a state of hypnosis where you’re so deeply relaxed you’re able to lose track of time – the feeling is similar to when you’re engaged so deeply in a book or movie you feel as though you’re a part of it.

To prepare, he clears his mind and gets out of his own head and just listens. This allows him not to have any preconceived ideas and it keeps him neutral. He asks his clients to prepare in the same way.

“But to remember your soul,” he says, “you must go deeper.” Quast hasn’t had an unnerving experience during his sessions; but he has had clients have experiences they weren’t anticipating as they explored past life regression with him. “Sometimes I have clients who have experiences where they’re relieving dying or a fear.”

When these situations are taking place, Quast uses methods to assure them they’re safe and free from harm.

He once had a client very fearful of certain places and things. Through regression, the client was able to travel back many centuries and learn about the person he was during that time and how traumatic events shaped who he was in the present. During his session, he was able to be present in the time and place and see locations from his past. By learning what happened to him during that time, he was able to understand his fear. Quast was able to share some transformation techniques that helped him move forward in his life.

“The fun I have is discovering what makes them tick and helping them leap that hurdle.”

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