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Monstrously good cocktails by master mixologist Dolly McMahon

Don’t anger the bartender. Dolly McMahon’s “special” recipe, witches brew, is made from the body parts of unpleasant customers, according to Dolly’s cocktail wall at Harry’s on the Green in Denton.

The witches brew is a mixed berry sangria with floating blueberries and sour gummy worms that infuse the sweet, fresh-tasting drink with a dose of sourness. It contains, allegedly, no actual body parts ­­— human or worm.

McMahon loves Halloween, and her holiday drink menu gives a nod to anything that might excite someone about the holiday ­— candy, monsters, and horror movies. According to the cocktail wall, “Your drinks are lovingly made by our one-armed, one-eyed, hunchbacked bartender.” While Harry’s on the Green, owned by Harry and Jeri Wyre, is a festive restaurant, breaking out decorations for many holidays and offering ever-evolving seasonal cocktail and dining menus, Halloween at the bar is a real scream.

McMahon’s creativity behind the bar led to the creation of a range of holiday drinks, including the mummy-tini, a creamy, boozy concoction “good enough to wake the dead.” One customer took a sip and said, “Mmmm … cinnamon.”

The zombie, “an eye-popping combo” of Jack Daniels, peach schnapps, agave syrup, fresh lime juice, and Coca-Cola, is served with a floating eyeball (or whatever is seasonally available from the body farm, presumably). This cocktail is rimmed with that Halloween favorite ­­— Pop Rocks. While the drink is refreshing and a great option for a nightcap after walking the kids around town to hit up strangers for candy, the Pop Rocks are ridiculous fun. How many years has it been since you’ve had them? It’s an adult drink that incites giggles in grown-ups.

The Swamp Thing, “so gross,” is a delicious, easy-to-drink combination. This beverage, also rimmed with Pop Rocks, is made from pineapple juice, vodka, and Midori. Sometimes Halloween temperatures can feel more like summer temperatures, especially after running all over town to get those last-minute costume props, and this cocktail is cool, refreshing, and just sweet enough. Plus, the tingly, crackling experience of Pop Rocks and the inclusion of a green candy finger remind the imbiber not to take Halloween errands too seriously and enjoy the gruesome fun of the holiday.

A vampire kiss, or bloody margarita, is a remarkably smooth blood-orange margarita made with blood orange juice and blood orange liqueur and rimmed with black salt. Seductive and luscious, it will please the pickiest of margarita connoisseurs. It is so smooth, one might wonder how many centuries it took to perfect … McMahon is a real demon behind the bar.

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