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Doggy’s Day Out: A luxurious spa day at The Pampered Puppy

Is there a more perfect way to spend a day than being pampered and well taken care of in a relaxing environment? Perhaps something typically reserved for humans would also serve other species, such as your best friend, your pal, your adventure buddy — your dog. Dogs deserve a day out too, and why not a spa day?

My English Cocker spaniel puppy, Phoebe, just celebrated her first birthday, and it’s been a year of challenging puppy training, lots of energy and tons of fun. Phoebe is an adventurous pup, and we take many walks around our home on Kent Island. While the walks are good for tiring out a very energetic puppy, it leaves Phoebe prone to dirt and outside elements that I don’t love bringing back into my apartment.

As much as I can practice good hygiene with Phoebe at home, it’s hard to stay on top of everything with my schedule, so I decided to treat Phoebe to a spa day to clean her up from the remnants from summer’s adventures.

Appropriately named, The Pampered Puppy in Chester was the perfect place to take Phoebe for a day of indulgence. Led by seasoned groomers, Stephanie Gosper and Gail Hooper, The Pampered Puppy is a full-service grooming and doggy day care center.

As we pulled up to the front door, several excited dog noses pressed up against the window. We were greeted by the sounds of dogs as we walked in, eagerly vocalizing their excitement to meet their new friend, Phoebe.

At 8 a.m., we were followed by many other customers dropping their dogs off for the day care, a convenient service for busy people and their dogs that love to socialize. The dogs are treated to a cozy inside space, with plenty of toys and friends to play with, as well as a new, fenced-in, outdoor space for a breath of fresh air.

After we got acquainted with the puppies (and Gosper and Hooper), it was Phoebe’s time to be spoiled. As Phoebe got on the table, and Gosper started brushing, I asked them what their favorite thing was about being dog groomers. Gosper said “playing with the puppies” was her favorite part, something I’m sure never gets old. Hooper said each dog has his or her own personality and quirks, which makes it fun. Both have many years of experience and know how best to groom and care for each dog.

After Phoebe got her nails done, it was time for her bath. Hooper took Phoebe into another room, where a fun purple tub was getting ready for her to dive into. My puppy is not the most well-behaved when it comes to baths. We are working on it, and Hooper was incredibly patient and kind to Phoebe, who just wanted to run around and get everyone wet.

“I wash each dog like they were my own,” Hooper said.

The bathing process is simple: one bath to get all the dirt and grime off, then a second bath to refresh the coat and leave your pup smelling clean. After Phoebe was scrubbed and dried, we gave her a little treat in a champagne glass.

I could already tell that Phoebe felt clean and ready to be active. I let her play around with some of her new friends in the day care as a reward. The pups kept smelling her recently bathed coat, and if they could talk I’m sure they were complimenting her.

Gosper and Hooper understand that your dog means a lot to you, and they will treat your doggies with care and love. Treat your best friend to a spa day. Your puppies are in good hands at The Pampered Puppy.

The Pampered Puppy posts photos of their adventures in grooming, pampering, and playtime on Facebook and Instagram. They are located at 1810 Main Street, Chester.

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