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The Talbot Kickball League Takes the Elementary School Game to a New Level

Remember those games from gym class, the thrill of escaping the confines of a classroom and competing against classmates?

In Talbot County, the Talbot Kickball League has become a new tradition among adults wanting to relive those gym-class days. Dr. Erik Higginbottom and Garrett Thrift started the kickball league in 2013 as a way for the community to get together and have fun. Higginbottom had the idea after playing in a kickball league in dental school and wanted to bring the childhood game back to his hometown of Easton.

Why kickball? Erik says it’s a fun game that “you haven’t probably played since 5th grade.” The game is co-ed, competitive, and you really don’t need to be “the best” in order to play. It’s all about inclusion, with player ages ranging from 21 to 70 years old. The league is 21 and older, but many players bring their young families to watch and cheer them on.

The season starts the first week of April and runs 8 or 9 weeks. There are roughly 14 teams, depending on the year, and about 250 people participate. Teams are formed by groups of friends, families, and colleagues from local businesses. For businesses, it’s an opportunity to get employees out of the office for fun, a change of scenery, and team building (literally).

Higginbottom said no one has to win to have fun. One year, he said, a team lost every single game but the team members were always extremely happy to play. For most, playing kickball is a chance to be active, have fun and meet new people.

The Talbot Kickball League is supported by local sponsors, enabling the Talbot Kickball League to have team shirts for every player and a playoff season at the end of May. The big prize is a large trophy given to the winner of the playoffs.

“It’s all about the experience, meeting people, getting exercise and getting out of your comfort zone – just having a good time,” said player Brad Hastings.

Meet the Players

Mike Kirby

Team: Just 4 Kicks

Fun Fact: Has been a part of the league for all 6 years, since the beginning, loves the family atmosphere and the camaraderie


Dr. Erik Higginbottom

Co-founder and kickball enthusiast

Team: Just 4 Kicks

Fun Fact about the league: “The one thing that a lot of people don’t know is that we have some players participating in their mid-60s ... which I think is amazing!”


Patrick Hambelton

Team: Optimal Fitness

Fun Fact: Loves how many people come out every year and join the community.


Brad Hastings

Team: Just 4 Kicks

Fun Fact: Has seen it all since the start; he loves the experience, meeting people, getting exercise and getting out of his comfort zone. Just having a good time.

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