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Do you have what it takes to hit the target? Test yourself at Delaware’s competitive axe-throwing ve

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Interested in learning a new skill this fall? Maybe you want to prepare for a zombie apocalypse or whatever other ghosts and goblins your imagination conjures up this Halloween. If so, axe throwing is definitely for you.

Battle Axe, Delaware’s first competitive axe throwing establishment — just a short drive from the Shore in Newark, Del. — promises to help you unleash your inner Viking or at least help burn off a few calories after eating too much candy corn.

“If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, this is definitely one of the best training centers,” says Battle Axe owner Mike Evans.

Originally a mobile axe throwing business, Evans traveled to local breweries as far as Rehoboth Beach before finding a permanent location that was easy to get to and offered plenty of parking.

“We very rarely have anyone leave here without a smile on their face.” Evans says, before tossing an axe down an indoor lane at one of the targets he built in the year- old space.

Over the chatter of other excited patrons, axes whiz through the air before landing with a thud into the wooden walls. Victories small and large are celebrated with cheers and laughs. With so much excitement for the unknown, axe throwing is also the perfect night for people just getting to know each other.

“We get first dates all the time and they love it,” Evans says.

For some, the art of axe throwing might appear scary or even a little intimidating, but thanks to Evans’ kind and patient staff, the most novice of throwers are throwing and hitting targets within minutes.

After guests pay a fee, sign a waiver, and make sure feet are safely covered in closed-toe shoes, it’s time to throw. Battle Axe staff lay down the rules, assign guests to their lane, and finally bestow upon them an approximately one-pound axe, similar to what you could easily find in a hardware store. Staff are always on hand to teach tips and tricks, and to ensure everyone is safe and having a good time.

Depending on the time of the year and its growing popularity, Battle Axe can see anywhere between 40 to 300 guests in one evening.

For the more serious axe thrower, Battle Axe has recently joined the International Axe Throwing Federation, and even offers a Sunday axe throwing league which allows axe enthusiasts of all abilities the chance to compete against each other and other axe throwing leagues.

If axe throwing isn’t your thing, but you still want to have some fun, Battle Axe also offers archery. Another skill to keep in mind in the event you run into a vampire while out trick-or-treating. Budding archers are provided with their own bow to use and some of Evan’s handmade arrows.

Evans, a keen marksman, has been making his own arrows for his English longbow for about 10-15 years. As the only archery instructor onsite, an archery session must be booked in advance.

Whether your skills are in archery or axe-throwing, a session at Battle Axe will more than prepare you for whatever this haunted season may bring.

*For the entire month of October, Battle Axe will sport festive decor and offer Halloween-themed events that promise to delight and fright. To learn more about Battle Axe, their schedule, upcoming events, and to book your lane, visit www.battleaxewilm.com.

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