By Dabrianna Green | Photo by Getty Images

The origin of April Fool’s Day remains unknown, but who needs an explanation for a national excuse to play harmless practical jokes? In the effort to keep it fresh and exciting, shore-style jokes are a fool-proof, unexpected way to get in on the fun:

Quack Call

Have a few colleagues dial your spouse’s phone number inquiring about a duck calling contest.

Crab Season Came Early

Send a fellow Marylander a convincing photo of a crab bushel and tell them dinner’s on you tonight!

To Trusssst or not to Trusssst

Notify your favorite Baltimore Ravens fan that you’re attending a local Lamar Jackson meet and greet this weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Seasoned Greetings

Replace the Old Bay can contents with seasoned salt. Sit it on the dinner table to see if your family is Maryland enough to know the difference.

Running Wild

Ask someone if they heard about all the wild horses running out of Assateague Island last night.

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