Caesar Guerini Shotguns are Gaining Popularity on the Eastern Shore

By Reen Waterman

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The Eastern Shore offers hunting opportunities that provide enjoyment and cherished traditions. Both hunters and non-hunters alike have rapidly joined the ranks of over 19 million Americans annually engaging in skeet, target, and sporting clay shooting. In 2018, there was a record 22 percent increase in adult participation in shooting sports, with millennials and women being the fastest growing segments.

Caesar Guerini, one of the most popular shotguns used on ranges, is manufactured in Brescia, Italy and distributed by Guerini U.S.A. based in Cambridge, Maryland. It combines old world Italian craftsmanship with the best of modern technology. Wes Lang, President of Guerini U.S.A., explains, “Our guns are designed to be ‘shot hard’ and fill the gap between mass produced guns and six figure handmade guns. Pricey guns like Purdey are status symbols but cannot stand up to heavy use. You can buy a more expensive gun, but you can’t buy a more reliable one.”

Lang, reminiscing, shared how his grandfather and father introduced him to trap and sporting clays, “The first time I shot sporting clays, I was hooked! People today would laugh if they knew that in the early days, we brought our gear in 5-gallon buckets, ‘shot what we brought,’ and there were no pros. It was just a new ‘game’ we played with a shotgun.”

How does Lang’s business and family life intersect? He explained, “My two teenage sons have had more opportunities than most to hunt and shoot. I told them that the shooting does not have to involve killing. It is a personal issue whether to hunt or not, and it will not be a negative with me if you do not. I couldn’t have been prouder when my oldest son decided that while he enjoyed bird hunting and shooting sports, big game hunting just wasn’t for him.”

The seminal event in Lang’s storied career with Beretta, Sig Arms, and as Executive Publisher for EmapUSA, was meeting Giorgio and Antonio Guerini and becoming lifelong friends. “I had to go to Italy to deal with a manufacturing issue for Sig Arms. When I met Giorgio, I instantly liked him. He is fiery, passionate, point blank honest, and highly intelligent. And his brother, Antonio, is a master of detail. The Guerini brothers are real innovators in the firearms industry.”

Smiling warmly, Lang explained, “We quickly became fast friends, and over the years they kept asking me for advice. When they decided to target the U.S. market, they invited me to head the U.S. division.”

What makes Guerini guns so special is that they are a masterpiece of technology, function, and art. Each gun must be perfect. Our process includes tolerance checks of every single part (to under one thousandths of an inch) all the way up to test firing and proofing. Each gun receives 300 separate quality control checks before it is released to a customer,” commented Lang.

Albright’s Gun Shop in Easton, a sportsman’s landmark, is one of only two Elite Dealers in Maryland (and the only one on the Shore). Mike Strannahan, a national sporting clays instructor on staff with Albright’s for 11 years, is the Guerini Pro Staffer. Asking him what he thinks of these shotguns, he excitedly shares that, “Guerini’s are beautiful guns. They are not inexpensive guns, but they are a lot of gun for the money and we sell more of these than any other gun. You can spend between $3,800 and $15,295. They really appeal to younger buyers because they carry a lifetime warranty and hold up extremely well.”

John Valliant, Guerini enthusiast, Talbot County resident and President of the Grayce B. Kerr Fund remarked, “Designed for sporting clay shooting, I purchased my Guerini for its quality, reliability, and looks. My ‘Magnus Sporting’ (Guerini) validates the expression, ‘Life is too short to shoot an ugly gun.’”

It has been said that “you get what you pay for,” but with a Caesar Guerini shotgun, the value, quality, and dependability far exceed the investment.

To learn more, stop in and spend some time at Albright’s Gun Shop (410-820-8811), or visit

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