Old Bay Smith Island Cake?

The latest popular flavor of the Smith Island Cake — undeniably Maryland — is Old Bay Buttercream from SmithIslandCake.com.

the origin

The Smith Island Cake can be traced to Welsh and English settlers who arrived on Smith Island in the late 1600s. Originally, the cake came in four layers, but the women of Smith Island stacked it higher as a form of competition, and it eventually grew to as many as a dozen layers.

The history

In the 1800’s, when Smith Island men went on the autumn oyster harvest, wives sent along what are now known as Smith Island Cakes.

the nine layers

Thin layer cakes are frosted with fudge icing rather than butter cream because that helps the cakes stay fresh longer than thicker layered cakes.

the honor

Nearly 12 years ago, Governor Martin O’Malley signed a bill for the Smith Island Cake to become the State Dessert of Maryland.

A favorite — the traditional, classic chocolate Smith Island Cake.

where to buy

Smith Island Baking Company in Crisfield: www.smithislandcake.com. — Home of the Old Bay Buttercream Smith Island Cake

Sugar Buns in Easton: www.sugarbuns.com 410-820-4220 29137 Newnam Rd Easton Airport, Easton, MD Open 7 days a week 7:00am-3:00pm

Smith Island Cake kits: www.Amazon.com “Smith Island Cakes”.

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