Picture Pawfect Pet Photo Contest Winner

Winning photo taken and submitted by Bill Whaley "Mack is a 3 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer who grew up on the Choptank River.

He has all the energy of every other dog I've owned combined and enjoys using it swimming in the river. He also enjoys kayaking and chasing off every bird that comes close to the yard.

The image was taken in Secretary, MD. on Greenpoint Rd., the background is the Choptank River." - Bill Whaley

A Special thank you to everyone for participating in the Picture Pawfect Pet Photo Contest, making the contest a huge success! Congratulations to the contest winner, Bill Whaley, who won a $50 gift card to Saint Michael's Pet supplies in addition to a custom hand drawn pet portrait.

Below are our top 10 favorite submissions. You can view all entries by clicking here.

Gander Submitted by Donna Herr

"Gander is a sweet boy who loves his job when he goes hunting. At home he is a snuggle bug, always happy to see you."

Breezy Marie Kibler Submitted by Donna Kibler

"Sweetest, funniest, who has an electrifying spunk to her and loved and known by many."

Dixie Submitted by Heather Smith

"Dixie is originally from a humane society in South Carolina and was transferred to Delaware where she was adopted by her new parents! She gets to go to work with her dad to all these cool horse farms and then at home she hangs out on her new farm with her mom and dad and two big horse brothers."

Grace Submitted by Jon Wirth

"This month is Grace's birthday! She is thirteen and has been celebrating with treats."

Leo Submitted by Kaci Lynch

"Leo is a yorkie pom. He is just a puppy and just as playful as can be. He loves playing fetch and doing commands to get yummy treats."

Lumi Submitted by Laura Plosila

"Lumi is a Siberian Husky. She volunteers with Pets on Wheels in QAC."

May Submitted by Wade Fuller

"May loves kids of all sizes shapes and colors, but especially Isabell"

Mississippi Queen Submitted by Frank Gunsallus "We call her Missy for short. She loves to run and play fetch. She also protects from squirrels (at least she thinks she does). Riding in the truck is her favorite thing to do."


Submitted by Cynthia Chapman

Sunnie Submitted by Leigh Tomey

"Sunnie is a 3 month old yellow lab who is full of love! She loves to snuggle, play fetch, run around in the yard and play with her big sister, Bella."

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