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Rising Stars: Jordan Shockley - Blue Oyster Environmental Leader

By Manning Lee

Jordan Shockley’s passion for the environment began as a boy fishing on the Chesapeake Bay with his father, Johnny Shockley, a local fisherman, founder of Hooper Island Oyster Company. His love of the Chesapeake Bay steered his curiosity towards Marine Science. Shockley, having graduated from Cambridge South Dorchester High School in 2009, studied at Salisbury University and had a three-year internship at The University of Maryland Horn Point Laboratory in the Oyster Hatchery.

Today, at 30, Shockley is married with a two-year-old son and has become a driving force and CEO of Blue Oyster Environmental, an oyster aquaculture company in Cambridge that among other things, connects municipalities and corporations with local oyster farms to purchase nitrogen and phosphorus credits.

In aquaculture, oysters are grown in small farms expressly marketed to local restaurants. While the oysters mature in the waterways, they act as super filters. They filter up to 50 pounds of nitrogen per 100,000 oysters a year. Science determined that one pound of filtered nutrients can be counted as one credit that a municipality or corporation may purchase and apply to their yearly allotment of municipal stormwater runoff permit to offset possible overages.

Upon learning that farmed oysters had a measurable scientific value to reduce pollution in the waterways, Shockley described, “Our team worked to develop protocols to collect data from local oyster farms so that it would seem less invasive to their everyday operations. We learned how to calculate precise amounts that individual oyster farms filter a year based on the number of oysters farmed and their average size. Once we determined these protocols, we opened for business.”

In early 2019, Blue Oyster Environmental got to work creating additional revenue streams for oyster farms, while simultaneously generating credits for municipalities who need help doing their part to keep the environment clean.

Blue Oyster Environmental helps the Chesapeake Bay while successfully and simultaneously helping the farms and the municipalities/corporations each do their part in mitigating storm runoff pollution. This Cambridge-based company under Jordan Shockley’s forward-thinking leadership is a win-win for all involved.

For more information on Blue Oyster Environmental go to www.blueoysterenv.com.

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