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Rising Stars: Kim O Pulley Jr. - Takes Kicks to a New Level

By Tracey F. Johns

Kim O. Pulley, Jr. of Grasonville is a shoe curator of sorts. This rising star is the founder and owner of the new shoe store KopKix, located online and in a new retail space on Kent Island. The store’s name comes from Pulley’s initials and the term “kicks,” which describes the trending and collector shoe wear that he carries in the store.

Pulley’s perseverance and optimism guide his every action, with his entrepreneurial knowledge supported by that of his mother and stepfather, who are owners of separate businesses in Queen Anne’s County.

“My original idea was to start with getting brand new shoes for people in the area,” says Pulley. “The outlets have shoes, but they are name-brand shoes. “I’ve always been a sneakerhead, so I’ve always been able to get the latest Jordans for myself, and for family.”

The term is used for people who collect sneakers — which Pulley says his collection includes 30 pairs stored in cases — with celebrity collectors including DJ Khaled, Mark Wahlberg, Lil Yachty, John Mayer, and more.

Pulley’s business focuses on excellence in crafted footwear and custom-engineered wearables, with his long-established resources and relationships used to find newly-released shoes. Think major brands like Jordan, and pre-owned collector’s shoes like Air Jordan 12s and Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s.

He says his mother encouraged him during the COVID-19 pandemic to pursue opening an online storefront, with kopkix.com going live on October 1, 2020, and the retail store opening on Kent Island on October 17.

“Mom and Dad always made sure I had nice shoes growing up, and I was always excited to receive them,” he says. “I had the latest Timberland boots for winter, and Nike Air Force 1s, New Balances, or Air Jordans for my birthday in June.”

Pulley was born in Easton and grew up in the Grasonville area with an older brother, Demetrio. He attended public schools and recently received an associate degree in Information Technology from University of Phoenix.

Pulley donates five pairs of shoes a month to people facing homelessness through Haven Ministries on Kent Island as a way of giving back to those less fortunate.

Pulley is also a rising star in another’s eyes. His son Kingston was born on September 18, 2020.

“I want something for him to have going forward, I want to build a legacy through my business,” Pulley says. “I want him to see that he can be successful in starting something on his own. And to get a college degree as I have.”


KopKix Rainbow Plaza, 1551 Postal Rd, Ste E,

Chester, Maryland kopkix.com instagram.com/kop.kix 443-496-5491

Store Hours:

Tuesday through Saturday,

10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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