Taste Buds: Figg’s Ordinary Simple Delights

Cafe in Chestertown offers delectable takeout meals and treats

By Manning lee|Photos by Pamela L. Cowart-Rickman

Omelets, made with local eggs, vegetables and cheese, are served with homemade gluten-free focaccia bread.

In keeping with the ever-demanding desire for deliciously healthy food in Chestertown, Figg’s Ordinary was born. It isn’t enough these days just simply to cook and serve nice dishes, but today’s consumer demands to know where our food came from, is it vegan? Is it gluten free? What kind of sugar does it have in it? How much protein does it have? Least of all concerns for today’s educated eater is, “How does it taste?”

Ingrid Hansen, in her former life in Washington, DC worked as an accomplished art historian, director of a nonprofit organization, and also as a curator of a commercial art gallery. For the last 20 years, she’s been living both in DC and in Chestertown. Somewhere along the way, she spent more time in Chestertown and now considers it her hometown. Chestertown has that power over people.

Hansen’s love of food serves as her creative outlet. She’d always baked, but it wasn’t until her daughter became gluten intolerant that she began to experiment with ingredients. She discovered that she could make foods she’d always made. With a few adjustments, she could make her favorite thing healthy by replacing gluten and refined sugars so her daughter could still enjoy them.

Omelets, made with local eggs, vegetables and cheese, are served with homemade gluten-free focaccia bread.

Hansen’s family loved her new recipes, but she wondered how the public would react to her foods. She signed up for the Chestertown Farmers Market to do some market research of her own.

“I was delighted that there was as much of an interest in the baked goods as there was at the market. It showed me that there was not only a need, but also a desire for a healthier food outlet in Chestertown. Would I make as much at the Farmers’ Market in Chestertown as I would in DC? Of course not, but I loved Chestertown and all I wanted to do was create delicious foods that my friends and neighbors would come to love,” explained Hansen.

“We’ve been open in Chestertown for three years in March,” she continued. “Now, my plan is to continue to serve the people of Chestertown at Figg’s Ordinary, but also to use the Ordinary as a launching pad to package several of our baked goods and distribute them throughout the region. We are working towards this goal and have packaged granola, power crackers, turmeric cashews, cookies and brownies. Cross Street Market in Galena, Powerhouse Training Facility in Queenstown, and Java George at Washington College all carry our products. Soon they’ll be appearing in other fine retail stores.”

TOP: Chalkboard tells the story of their beloved dachshund, Figg, for whom the bakery is named. ABOVE: Tarts, cookies, muffins and quick breads displayed in plain view make decisions difficult. CENTER: On pie day, employee Brendan McNulty samples an elderflower custard pie topped with elderberry whipped cream. FAR RIGHT: Exterior of the bakery/cafe.

One of the most popular foods at Figg’s Ordinary are the salads. They have a few basic salads. The Taco Salad features Bay View greens topped with Figg’s black bean salsa, Hummingbird Farm tomatoes, cheddar, crushed tortilla chips and chipotle vinaigrette.

Protein Powerhouse featuring Bay View greens, amped up with cheese or Figg’s turmeric cashews and roasted carrots, topped with activated pumpkin, sunflower, hemp and flaked coconut with a lime cilantro dressing. The Mediterranean Salad starts with Bay View greens and are combined with goat feta mixed olives, Figg’s hummus, cucumber, activated sunflower and sesame seeds, served with balsamic vinaigrette.

Rest assured all who travel through Chestertown that Figg’s Ordinary not only checks off all the requirements for today’s savvy consumer: gluten free, no refined sugar, or vegan. But at Figg’s, no one sacrifices smart food for the taste, because the food is just short of ambrosia.

To get up-to-date bakery cafe hours, please visit their web site:



207 S. Cross Street

#102, Chestertown, MD

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