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Local Beatles fan creates a “Magical Mystery Tour” in his basement

By Maire McArdle

Nathan Beveridge hangs out in his ultra- Beatles basement

Nathan Beveridge’s eyes light up as he carefully unhooks a Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band bass drum from the wall. As we set up the scene for the photoshoot, this 59-year-old Easton resident can’t contain his unadulterated obsession for all things Beatles. From ceiling to floor, his meticulous, custom-built, museum-style displays deliver a British pop panorama. With Rubber Soul playing on the turntable and a documentary about John Lennon’s life on a wide-screen TV, this lucky visitor is immediately immersed in sensory overload and observes that Beveridge is ready to tell-all about his beloved Fab Four acquisitions.

When did you start collecting?

I started collecting full steam roughly four years ago after my wife, Trish, suggested we redo our small guest bedroom into a ‘Beatles’ room. Up until this point, I had kept my items in boxes on shelves in my home office. I thought my continuous deliveries were going unnoticed since I would hide the parcels as soon as they arrived. Then one day I walked by to see my wife in there and realized I was busted. I have completely outgrown the guest room and have recently renovated our basement to make way for my ever-growing collection.

What made you start collecting?

I seem to have always been a collector of many things throughout my life which I can attribute to my mother, who loved antique dolls and toys. But I really got serious when I received a Beatles book from my wife and son for my birthday. Then I bought another book and then another. The rest is history.

What are your favorites in your collection?

I have many favorites! It depends on what area I am working on at any given time. I have, without a doubt, one of the largest collections of Beatles “toy rings” that I know of. Another prized Beatles item that I started to pursue lately is all the officially-licensed women’s luxury make-up mirror compacts that were manufactured in the UK.

What was your first piece?

The first piece in my Beatles collection was an unused movie ticket for their first movie, “A Hard Day’s Night.” I no longer have the ticket because I donated it to a charity auction way before I became a serious collector. Although it did sell for about $250 and actually helped pay for someone’s kidney transplant, I do wish I had it back!

Are you still collecting?

I collect now more than ever. A day doesn’t go by where I won’t have at least a dozen items in the postal system on their way to me from somewhere in the world. I spend at least an hour a day going through my eBay, Mercari, and Etsy sites looking for that next special piece.

How do you display and accommodate your collection?

I have as much fun creating the displays as I do collecting. I build the showcases, shelving, racks, and frames myself. My record album display is a replica that I actually remember seeing at Hochschild, Kohn & Company department store in Baltimore.

Do you have a budget cap? Do you ever sell pieces to acquire new ones?

I hate selling, but I do (kind of!). Whenever I upgrade a piece to one in better condition, I always tell myself I will sell the older inferior one, but somehow I never get around to it. (Please don’t tell my wife!) Luckily, Trish is quite tolerant of my hobby and spending. We both enjoy our late Sunday afternoons in the Beatles room listening to records while I talk about the Fab Four and my memorabilia. We do this every Sunday, literally! It never gets old.

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