Wild Tails: Queen Amelia Pond, Mail-order Chick is now Easton’s Resident Goose Royalty

By Tracey F. Johns // Photos by Laura Olson

Amelia Pond takes a stroll on the Rails to Trails.

Easton’s Amelia Pond arrived to the Eastern Shore as a mail-order chick nearly a decade ago, and has grown to carry herself as a queen, gaining loyal fans and followers along the way. She even has her own Facebook page, and gained notoriety with a photo of her posted to the People of Walmart website.

You may have seen Amelia during her days sauntering in Easton’s Holiday Parade, or today while she’s strutting along Rails to Trials, or socializing like royalty at Easton’s Farmer’s Market with her family — the Olson’s. Hues of apricot surround her face like a soft, feather boa — complementing her sassy, sweet, and sophisticated style.

Amelia Pond is an American Buff goose, purchased with a penchant for wild things. The breed developed in the United States and comes from the wild Greylag goose, with hens known for being great egg layers and docile pets. They live to be around 20 years of age and are too heavy to fly far. Amelia began living inside and now is the happiest living outside, as part of a flock.

Amelia’s family says at times, she can be stubborn and sneaky, working her queen-like ways to have things done on her terms. However, Amelia is most known for mothering every living creature she meets. (Including this author, whom Amelia wouldn’t leave the curb without to cross the street.)

“Mother Goose is a goose for a reason,” says Laura Olson, who along with her husband — and the help of Amelia — has raised and homeschooled four children. Their youngest child is now nearing adulthood. “She’ll sit on anyone’s eggs, including the ducks that she’s raised, and gets very upset if any of her eggs are taken. Amelia really thinks everyone is hers to mother.”

Clockwise, from upper left: Amelia is unfazed by the two dogs she encountered on a walk; She is a willing model for fashionable duck wear and a cozy couch blanket wrap; and Chris Giddy watches as his son, Cohen, follows Amelia on a dock with a toddler’s curiosity.

Hunter, Hannah, Analisa, and Evangelyn — along with their parents — raised Amelia from the time she was a little chick. Laura says she arrived by mail from Washington State and came as a way to provide more challenges to the children’s lessons during their homeschooling days. Big fans of the television show Doctor Who, the children named Amelia after the curious and courageous young fictional character in the British science fiction series.

The challenges paid off. Laura and Eric’s children all have a deep love of animals, nature, and humanity. Hunter earned a degree in biology and wants to continue his education to become a physician’s assistant. Hannah is just beginning nursing school and wants to be a NICU nurse or further her medical education. Analisa is also interested in the medical field, and Evangelyn — the youngest — is currently interested in nature and mission work.

Hannah says Amelia’s greatest lessons to her have been to value life, even in the smallest of things.

Now a full-grown goose, Amelia assumes the role of large and in charge, living in a pond in the backyard, and minding a collection of ducks, chickens, rabbits, and other animals that make up her family. Laura says she gets especially upset if any in her flock are, what we’ll call, making out in the pond.

“She’s an excellent watchdog,” continued Laura. “Amelia’s honking has protected the animals from a hawk attack, and she helps keep the neighborhood safe from any harm.”

Which is part of why — along with her charming personality — all the neighbors love Amelia Pond. As she would have it, of course.

Amelia once received a special award created just for her in a Talbot Humane Society Bark in the Park dog trick contest, spreading her massive wings and strutting her stuff until crowned the queen. Befitting for a life lived on her terms.

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